CLINIQUE Dramatically different moisturiser

October 21, 2013

clinique dram different moistI bought this in August 2012 on the ferry on the way to Wacken. One of the reasons I went for this at the time, was it felt beautiful when I was testing all the lotions and potions on the boat.

Anyway, I had been saving this for a little while as I already had thousands of moisturisers open but about 6 months ago, I thought I would try this out. I have been using this weekly on and off since then and have only just run out of it, so I have to give kudos for it’s longevity, especially as I went for the smaller 50ml tube.

I was expecting great things from this, I have a friend who swears by Clinique’s products and had heard and read some good reviews, but I have to say, as someone who actually suffers from dry skin, this didn’t do wonders for me at all. When using it in the morning, my face would begin to feel dry again around lunchtime, which is very poor next to my Vitamin E cream or L’occitane which keeps me hydrated until my bedtime regime.

Texture wise, it’s far to thin and watery and sometimes my skin felt a little greasy for a short time after application, which was annoying when I needed to rush out the house and slap on some makeup.

Now that this has been used up, I probably won’t be purchasing this again, perhaps my skin is just too dry for this. Have you used this and had better results?

If you do want to try out this or Clinique’s other ranges, you can buy it at Boots¬†online or in store for ¬£17.00, they also have lots of offers on for Skincare and Clinique. You can also pick some up in various department stores such as House of Fraser and Debenhams.

Totally hellbent for moisturisers that last all day!



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