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Shatter by O.P.I

January 16, 2014

Shatter by OPI

I am very much a latecomer when it comes to the crackle nail polish scene. I had one or two when they first hit the market but never really bothered with them much, I think these three polishes from O.P.I have completely changed my mind!

I found these in Pound World of all places, and picked up Shatter the Scales, Super Bass Shatter and Black Shatter.

I remember reading a review on these somewhere that hinted that if you applied them directly to the nail they didn’t crack, but as you can see below Shatter the Scales is the only one you could really wear alone, Super Bass Shatter was far too streaky and Black Shatter crackled even without base coat.

Crackle by OPI



Used over a coat of polish ( I chose Soho Silver by Nails Inc) they crackled up right away, though Super Bass Shatter and Shatter the Scales seemed to only break vertically.Black Shatter  was very impressive however, and I think I’ll find myself using it more and more to cover up a manicure after a few days of wear.

Crackle by OPI


If you fancy getting a hold of them then your best bet is Amazon or Ebay where all three can be found at discount prices, though it’s worth checking the pound stores if you get the chance!

Totally hellbent for getting into a trend years after it shows up!

– Gem

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Welcome to January …

January 5, 2014


How did this even happen? Suddenly Christmas appeared and now we are in yet another year. So here is an obligatory summary of some of the better bits of 2013.

Last year was a pretty monumental year for both Gem and I:

Brains and I moved into our “actually proper just for the two of us” house – situated approximately 7 doors or so away from Gemma at the same time as going to Norway for the first time ever:



Dakesis made the decision to become a four piece:


We returned to the stage, and went back to enjoying our Dakesian adventures with the four of us and being as mischievous as ever:



Gem and I survived the journey to the holy Wacken lands, this time avoiding getting the car broken into, and Gem and Roode shared their first anniversary together. As well as being monumentally owned by the sun on our crossing to Europe:



I quit my job and started working with Brains at BIOSTALL, which meant I had more time to do stuff like this:




We witnessed the wedding of our two oldest joint friends Libby & Ian (not to mention I went blonde!):



We then got to spend yet another Dakesis Christmas with all of our lovely friends, fellow Dakesian’s and family which mainly resulted in this:


But most importantly, 2013 was when we finally got off our arses and launched Hellbent for Lipstick!

Our first ever post went live on 16th May 2013.

So here’s to another year of heavy metal, makeup, beauty, friends, family and being full of steel! Thank you for reading and Happy New Year :)

Totally hellbent for festivities and friends






The “Wham Bam Jan Spending Ban”

January 4, 2014


I. Have. Enough. Make-up.

This is the mantra I will be repeating throughout the whole of this month. Same goes for nail varnish, perfume, skincare and all luxury cosmetics. No more “Oh but it’s on special offer”, no sneaky “Oooh free P&P”. Nothing.

Does that mean I will blog less with no new shinies? Not at all! In fact quite the opposite, as I plan on going through my stash of treasures to find some hidden gems! Plus the fact I was lucky enough to receive enough so many lovely things for Christmas means I have plenty to be getting on with.

If I last the whole month not only will I have saved an absolute fortune but I’ll also have the will to try out so many lovely things that have been purchased and thrown on a “I’ll review this later pile” or at the back of the “I’ll just save this for later” drawers.

So wish me luck on my bravest of quests, I promise to be honest if I fail!

Totally Hellbent for surviving the sales without a simple impulse buy so far!

– Gem


Penguin Nail Art

December 4, 2013

Well it’s official, we are now in December and Christmas is flying full speed and head first towards us.

The best thing about this time of year, is being able to paint your nails with lots of festive things, so my first Nail Art for the Christmas period is this totally adorable and really easy peasy Penguin. Honestly, this is one of the easiest nail art’s I have done in a long while, so for those that are a little shakey with their other hand, hopefully you will manage this!

I am using the following:

  • Kate Spade New York by Nails inc in “New York Noir” (This colour is absolutely amazing)
  • O.P.I in “The Drummer is Hot” from the Rock Goddess range
  • A white nail art pen – I would recommend a white nail varnish for this, as mine has gone walkies I was forced to use a nail art pen which was a little gloopy for this.
  • Nails inc Top Coat.
  • A dotting tool

Start by painting your nails black and leaving to dry.


Next take your white, and paint the middle of the nail up to the tip:


white full


With a dotting tool, add some eyes:


Finally, use your dotting tool to add some feet and a beak. I dragged the dotting tool slightly to give on oval shape for the feet and a triangle shape for the nose but a circle works just as well:



Apply your favorite top coat and smile! Are these not the cutest things ever? (Yes, I know I always say that about nearly all my nails!)

Hopefully I’ll have a few more festive nails before the Christmas season is up!

Totally hellbent for the first Christmas nail of the season




Down with the sickness

November 6, 2013





Sometimes the weekend (and half the week!) just passes you by in a blur and suddenly it’s Wednesday, you have a cold and you’re thinking “what happened to all those blogs I planned this weekend?”

We’re both knee deep in tissues and lemsips, and reeling from a very busy weekend so bear with us and usual service will resume shortly!

Totally not hellbent for for the lurgy

Gem & Pants



Studs and Flicks Competition Win Review!

October 28, 2013

I was lucky enough to win a giveaway run by Shannon over at Studs and Flicks and my prize just arrived!

CK tempting glimmer, Collection hot looks and compact mirror

I won a Collection Hot Looks nail polish in Milkshake, Calvin Klein Tempting Glimmer in Sage Shimmer and an adorable compact mirror.

Collection Hot Looks Milkshake

Milkshake is a very grown up pink-ish nude. I actually only own a few nudes and I love fast dry varnishes so I was really excited to try this out. The brush is amazing and covered my smaller nails in one sweep, and the formula was thick enough that I could probably have gotten away with one coat if I was really in a hurry.


I already own a few CK Tempting Glimmers (reviewed here) but luckily not this one! It’s a gorgeous deep metallic brown with a coppery shimmer, and swatches absolutely beautifully.

Calvin Klein Tempting Glimmer  Sage Shimmer swatch

Cream eye-shadows are notorious for creasing, and this is no different, but a quality primer will extend wear by a good few hours, and if they do crease they are soft enough that a quick sweep of the finger will put it back in place!


Finally the cute vintage style compact! I always carry a mirror and this is the perfect design for the 50’s style wedding I’m off to this weekend, so I’ll tuck it into my clutch with a red lipstick and be set for the night!

Totally hellbent for winning surprise goodies

– Gem


Libby’s Hen Night: A Timeline

October 28, 2013


5.30pm > I head over to Amie’s house to get ready. Literally take enough beauty supplies to open a medium sized Boots.

5.33 > First bottle of wine opened.


5.40 > The bride-to-be arrives and gives me the most gorgeous black glittery Hell Bunny dress to wear! Lucky me!

6.00 > All the make-up. All the hairspray.





7.15 > Mother of Steel arrives and we pose for some tasteful photos


7.30 > Our chauffeur takes us into town, with a brief stop off to pick up a bottle of Lambrini for the car. Classy.

8.00 > We arrive at The Dragon Inn to meet the future mother-in-law and sister-in-law. It’s full of chavs but we meet a amateur football team from the “Sarf af laaandon” and they provide some amusement in exchange for our directions towards the nearest Chinese


8.15 > Arrive at Reflex. Buy biggest cocktails available and follow with shots because that seems sensible.



8.30 > Dance. Dance to all the terrible songs. Laugh at everyone who is on the pull in the cheesiest club in town. Dance some more.


10.30 > Meet an incredibly drunk girl and her boyfriend who ask if we know any cool places to go in town. We tell them we are going to Eddies, and that it’s a metal club. She likes JLS, he likes Guns’n’Roses, we figure why not and set off on an epic quest across town.


11.00 > Eddies is heaving, we loose our new friends right away and they reappear a while later on the -floor-. We bump into lots of people we know and embarrass ourselves drunkenly. I shout at the front-man of local thrash legends Eradikator about how much I want one of his band’s T-shirts.


2.00 > More drinking, dancing and catching up with friends and a very long queue to the ladies room. Finally we decide it is time to head home and we call Mr. Brains to come rescue us.


2.45 > Ooops took the wrong exit and end up in traffic on Broad Street on a Saturday night.

3.30 > Finally home, make-up off, stumble around to find PJs and SLEEP!


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The Body Shop Vitamin E Skincare Range Part 2

October 5, 2013

Vitamin E

Here is Part 2 of my Vitamin E blog.

From left to right: Moisture Cream, Illuminating Moisture Cream, Intense Moisture Cream, Nourishing Night Cream

Moisture Cream:

This was the first Vitamin E moisturiser I bought. It’s light weight, gives enough hydration to last the day and is wonderful for mixing with foundations. I absolutely loved the texture of this and how my skin felt when I used it for the first time, I blame my Vitamin E devotion on this product alone as I was hooked instantly!

Illuminating Moisture Cream:

My first experience of illuminated face creams – this gives off a slight pink shimmer/glow. Much nicer than the Superdrug illuminating Vitamin E cream, but I have to be in the right mood to wear this. I find if I am having a “natural” looking day, I might opt for this to give me a flush of colour without using foundation, but less is definitely more with this!

Intense Moisture Cream:

My winter go to cream – moisturiser for dry skin, should be so thick that if you turn the tub upside down, it stays put. This is one of the best moisturisers I’ve found for combating my horrible dry skin during the central heating induced Winter months. With the cold seasons ploughing towards us, I will be reaching for this sooner rather than later.

Nourishing Night Cream:

More recently, I have been experimenting with other moisturisers, but when I use Vitamin E, I use the night cream to go with it. Similar to the Intense Moisture Cream, this is much thicker in consistency, so when I wake in the morning I don’t feel like I’ve had my head in a tumble dryer. It has that luxurious feel when you apply it without making your skin feel suffocated.

Since I own almost all of The Body Shops Vitamin E range, I also recommend the following:

Totally hellbent for (in case you hadn’t noticed) Vitamin E everything





I listened to Carcass’ new album, and I liked it – how elitism should work

October 3, 2013


In my eyes, there are two types of elitists when it comes to metal.

First up there’s the ones who, no matter how much jazz they listen to, will always f*****g love metal. They would -die- for metal, and are the truest of the true. They understand the concept of wearing a different band hoodie to the t-shirt they’re wearing and would never wear the t-shirt of the band they are going to see. They are open to new bands of similar genres, but are also reserved in terms of their taste. Most of the time, if they love a band, it’s because they have been listening to them for years and not just because their boyfriend likes them, or they read it’s the new “cool” thing to like in Kerrang!.

The second, is the type who ruins elitism for the elitists. The type of people who are stuck in the dark ages and believes that their favourite band who they have been following since they were 15 are now sell outs because they are playing to more than that ten people. The sort of person who will only like bands that no on has heard of – just so they can be “elite” and instantly decides that they hate Children of Bodom and Cradle of Filth (even though they own all their earlier albums) because small children now like them.

There’s a fine line when it comes to elitism. I believe it’s about liking what you want to like and sticking by that.

A few examples here, my path into the metal genre, when I was a wee child of 12/13 years old came  through Carcass and Children of Bodom. When I was younger, these were the best bands in the world! Unfortunately, the latter Bodom albums were less to be desired and I really did not like them. Part of me felt as though some of these tracks were written, solely to “fit in” to the current scene. On the other hand, Carcass experimented with Swansong and Heartwork. I don’t believe they did this for the purpose of becoming “sell outs” and that perhaps they were genuinely trying something new out. It was a vast leap from their early grindcore era, but they were obviously enjoying themselves, which is what counts. I am not afraid to say that I very much enjoyed the Heartwork and Swansong era and following on from that, I love their new album.

Another example is Behemoth. Now I have followed them from their earlier black metal stuff to their newer stuff – I love each and every album they have produced. The first 4-5 times I saw them live, it was to a small room of people, no more than 15. It was truly epic and such an intimate experience. One of my earlier memories was watching that at the old Edwards No 8 in Birmingham and the stage was no more than a “step”, I was headbanging and hit my head off Nergal’s guitar. Moving on from this, I saw them at Hellfest and Bloodstock Open Air with a beautiful set up and stage show. Although it saddened me that gone were the days I could see them in intimate venues, I was proud that they had got to where they are today. After all, making music should be a love and what better way to earn a living, than to do something you love!

Although as a band Dakesis aren’t in it for “the money” it would certainly be nice to be able to live a comfortable life and get something back for all the hard work we put in. My appreciation for other bands has certainly grown since living the life myself. All my annual leave would be taken up on tours and gigs, we would have to find petrol money to take us up and down the country, the wear and tear on our vehicles. Money to pay our accommodation when out of town not to mention the hours we put in when writing, recording and rehearsing. On top of that, we have all the costs involved with releasing an album and merchandise.

So next time you see your favourite band play to 100,000 people, don’t be a dick. Take a moment to appreciate all the hard work they put in, not only for their love of music, but for their love and respect of you – their fan.

Above all – keep it true.

Totally hellbent for elitism without being an arsehole


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How do you like your eggs in the morning? – Baked with Mushrooms!

September 20, 2013


No make up here today, just a lovely easy to make Breakfast recipe!

Since working from home with Brains for his Web Design and Development company BIOSTALL, I have the luxury of actually having cooked breakfast in the morning should I so desire.

I love cooking and I especially love baking so I’m always trying out new recipes and throwing stuff together to see what happens. So here is a recipe I tried for the first time the other day – Baked eggs with bacon and mushrooms.

You will need:

  • 1-2 eggs per person
  • Fresh Chives
  • 3-4 Button Mushrooms or 1-2 Breakfast Mushroom’s per person (remove the stalks)
  • Veggie Bacon (or real Bacon if you so desire)
  • Some Cheese (<obviously)
  • A smidgen of oil
  • Muffin/Cake tray

What to do:

  • Preheat the oven to Gas Mark 5/190 degrees (for those of us with electric ovens, you might need to go up to 200)
  • Oil 1-2 muffin holes per person (*snigger*) and place 3-4 button mushrooms or one Breakfast mushroom in each, putting them in the over for around 5 minutes
  • Take out of the oven, place the Veggie bacon underneath the mushroom to form a little “holder”.
  • Sprinkle half he cheese and chives over the mushroom and crack an egg into each muffin hole.
  • Sprinkle the rest of the cheese and chives over the top and put back in the oven for 10-15 minutes, depending on how well you like your eggs.
  • Dish up on some toast, or muffins … or eat it as it is!
  • Bon Appetit!

For an extra healthy kick, I had mine with some hot water and lemon!

Totally hellbent for quick and easy morning dining