Avon Ultra Colour Bold and Soft Matte Lipstick Review

September 1, 2014



I bought these lipsticks on a whim a few campaigns ago. The Ultra Colour Bold lipstick range is pretty new to Avon and I paid £10 for 5 lipsticks out of my demo book before they were launched to customers. I don’t know why I felt that I needed another 5 lipsticks, but I was completely drawn to the bright and bold pinks that were on offer and thus a new era of Pants (the type that now wears pink lipstick) was born. If these wern’t enough, I also picked up another lipstick from the Ultra Colour collection, but this was an older colour and from the “Soft Matte” range in “Hibiscus”  – again still in keeping with my new found pink obsession, but this was from the usual brochure and cost me £3.60.

The first thing I noticed about the Ultra Colour Bold Lipsticks is that they were packaged in wonderfully sleek boxes, clearly labelled and pretty “bold”. When comparing this to the Ultra Colour Soft Matte below, which was packaged in some cheap plastic, I think the Ultra Colour Bold collection is definitely more of a winner.




From Left to Right; Magenta Flash, Fearless Fuchsia, Ruby Shock, Hibisca, Rapid Rose & Pink Punch

Unsheathed, all of the lipsticks look absolutely gorgeous, and the actual lipstick packaging is the same. Each lid has a see through panel at the top so you can see the lipstick through it, which I thought was quite a novel idea. I like to store mine upside down so I can see the sticker and and colour, but I’m aware that a lot of companies don’t always use the actual colour on the bottom of the packaging. This was at least I can take a peek when choosing my shade.


I wasn’t expecting a great deal before I swatched these, but I was pretty blown away with how … bold … they were. With the exception of Hibiscus which was the “Soft Matte” which was a little less gloss and a little more matte, the rest really did pack a punch and give a generous helping of colour. All of the lipsticks glided onto the lips effortlessly and were so easy to apply, since trying them on my lips I haven’t needed to use a lip liner as there was little to no bleed around the lips. For standard lipsticks, the longevity of the colour was also pretty spectacular. Magenta Flash has been my most used and is probably my favorite out the lot, it also seems to go well with my hair colour due to it’s unfortunate fading to bright pink during the days spent out in the sun.

Overall I’m head over heels for these lipsticks and am definitely not regretting my decision to purchase them. If you’d like to try your hand at a few Pink treasures, check out the Ultra Colour Bold range from Avon here where they are currently on special offer for just £4.75.

Have you tried the Avon Ultra Bolour Bold collection?

Totally hellbent for rediscovering my inner girl and getting down with the pink

– Pants



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